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What are Virtual Races, and Why Should You Participant in Them?

When the pandemic ravaged regular marathons, virtual marathons stepped in to help runners maintain their running schedules. Virtual races at The Running Bug involve a paid registration and reward like any regular race. However, their participants simultaneously run from their respective locations instead of gathering at one.

Allow us to give you several reasons to participate in a virtual race.

Virtual Marathons are Always Nearby

Unlike traditional marathons, virtual marathons don’t require a specific location. You can live in the remote Hebrides and still make it to a virtual race because it takes place where you are at a given time.

The nature of your ‘course’ only adds to the already convenient format. For instance, if you can’t run laps, you don’t have to. Similarly, if you run better in the evenings than mornings, you can pick and choose without letting your location limit your options.

A Man Completing a Running Challenge on a Paved Track on an Overcast Day

Virtual Marathons Guarantee Fitness

Since you don’t have to travel for a virtual challenge, you don’t have to expose yourself to the drawbacks of travelling, especially when you may be required to travel for hours while wearing a mask. 

Furthermore, if you’re not from the UK, you won’t have to travel long distances and face jet lag while participating in a UK-based virtual race. You’ll essentially be at the peak of health because you get to decide when and where to compete.

Virtual Marathons Keep You Balanced

Traditional marathons require the presence of an audience and in-person competition. The pressure of such an atmosphere may lead your body to release more adrenaline and stress hormones, elevating your heart rate before the race has even started.

Conversely, virtual marathons are much quieter and steadier. They don’t excite and alter your body chemistry, so you’re more level-headed during the race. You’ll also be missing your fight or flight response during a virtual race, which would make it easier for you to maintain a steady pace—and heart rate.

Virtual Marathons Contain Body Temperature

There was a time when the idea of no snow in certain cities here in the UK was unheard of. Those times are long gone, replaced by bearably cold weather in the winters and unbearable warmth in the summers.

All that to say: the warmer the weather, the more you’ll hate being in a crowd.

Virtual marathons don’t have this problem. You usually complete them alone or with a small group of friends or family. Since there aren’t as many people, the weather only feels as stuffy as it should in the summers at your location.

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