Your Basket


Our Points & Rewards allows customers who have a registered account can earn points when they enter challenges. Accumulated points can then be used to pay for full or partial race fees from The Running Bug’s website.

Points available are shown below the price on each event page. 

Once a customer purchases a place on our challenges, the points are held until the challenge is complete. Points are released and added onto the customer’s account once the order status has been changed from “in progress” to “completed”.

Completed orders means that the challenge has finished, evidence has been submitted and the medal has been despatched.

If you have entered multiple challenges on a single order, points will only be transferred to a customer’s account once all challenges have finished.

Points can be accumulated and used either to part pay or fully pay for a challenge. There is no expiry date to use your points.

To use your accumulated points, you first need to have a registered account and be logged in when you enter a challenge.

On the checkout page, enter the points you want to use in the points box.  You should then see your points added to the checkout page and the cost of the challenge reduced accordingly.

Please be aware that you will only be able to see this option once you are logged into your account.

Customers earn 3 points for every £ spent and redeem 10 points for every £ off a virtual challenge. For example, if an event is £10, the customer would earn 30 points. A customer would need to have accumulated 300 points to pay for a £10 challenge.

Points will also be given when a customer signs up to our mailing list or refers another person to the scheme who also enters an event. 

Please note that our Points and Rewards scheme is only available to customer with a registered account. Should you enter an event as a guest, you will not be able to see the total points accumulated and won’t be able to redeem points towards other challenges.