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Tips for Running in the Heat

Hot weather is great for business but requires lots of caution, especially for runners. Not exercising with care may lead to heat-related illnesses, such as cramps, rashes, stroke, or fatigue.

Here’s how you can stay out and about, and complete that virtual marathon challenge at The Running Bug when the weather is unforgivably warm.

Drink Electrolytes Beforehand

You may have lost count of how many times you’ve heard someone tell you to drink your electrolytes, but understanding these chemicals could help you wrap your head around their importance.

Simply put, electrolytes produce electric impulses when mixed with water to help you maintain:

  • Muscle function
  • Nerve function
  • Blood pressure

These chemicals also keep you hydrated and aid your post-marathon recovery, so drink some before starting your run.

Don’t Forget Your Water

Your electrolyte drink can only sustain you for long, especially during a virtual 10k challenge. Drink two cups of water before running, and take a bottle filled with refrigerated water when you venture outside. We recommend cold water to keep your body temperature low when your surrounding temperature is high.

If you sweat a lot during your marathon, you can have up to 16 ounces of water per 15 minutes. When you’ve achieved your target, drink 16–24 ounces of water with food for faster recovery.

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Avoid Running on an Empty Stomach

While running on a full stomach has its drawback, we’d recommend you not, say, eat a burger before heading out, but running on an empty stomach is just as bad for your health, particularly in this heat.

Avoid heat cramps by eating a couple of dates, an energy bar, banana, or peanut butter sandwich before your run. Be sure to wash them down with water to add to your body’s fuel to cope with the heat.

Wear Breathable Clothes

Make it a point to wear something that allows circumvention and has sweat-picking properties in the summer, and keep the sun off your face with a visor, not a full hat, as it might do the opposite of keeping you cool. Moreover, if you’re wearing sunglasses, make sure they’re the kind that stay on top of your bridge despite the sweat.

Whatever you do, don’t wear synthetic cotton and nylon. The heat and sweat these fabrics would trap would only contribute to your body temperature and bring your marathon to a premature end for reasons ranging from minor (cramps) to serious (heat stroke).

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