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Must-Have Running Gear Every Marathon Runner Needs

Whether you’re a pro marathon runner or just getting started with your first one, you need a few must-haves to make sure your marathon is a success. Without these essentials, you can end up getting exhausted faster, or worse might even get injured. So look at our pick of marathon must-haves for your next marathon challenge.

Proper Running Shoes

You can run a marathon without proper running shoes. Your common sneakers won’t be good enough to offer the grip and comfort you need while running. Moreover, the kind of shoes you wear also depends on your foot’s shape; without proper shoes, you might have injuries.

Sweat Wicking Socks

Running can lead to sweaty feet, which can soak your socks and cause you to slip. Not just that, but it can also lead to infection and blisters on your feet. Sweat-wicking socks are a great alternative to regular socks. They allow more grip, absorb sweat, keep the feet dry, and allow better temperature control.

A Running Watch

A normal watch is okay to keep track of the time but to measure intervals and note lap times. You’ll need a proper running watch. Additionally, make sure your watch has a bigger display so you can see the numbers easily while you’re on the run.

Plenty Of Water

Even though marathons have plenty of places to get water, it’s still a smart move to carry your own. What if you need to drink but are far from the designated public water points? In that case, a water bottle will be handy. You don’t need to carry a large bottle. A small one enough to last between points is good. You can refill it once you reach a water fountain.

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With the rising risk of skin diseases and cancer due to ultraviolet radiation, it’s important to wear a thick layer of sunscreen on your face and body. However, once you start running, the sunscreen will start melting, so it’s important to keep reapplying. Travel-sized stick sunscreens are great for marathons because you can conveniently carry them and reapply them mid-run.

Proper Running Attire

It’s important to wear the right clothes before you hit the pavement for your marathon. Wearing thick clothes with little airflow will only increase your exhaustion and make it difficult for you to finish the race. Look for clothes made from breathable materials that can wick moisture away. This will leave you feeling cool and dry.

Recovery Tools

Post-run recovery is a crucial aspect of marathon running. You must properly take care of your muscles to prevent muscle fatigue or injury. Besides stretching and hand massages, you can find several running recovery tools to help you with your post-run recovery. These include massage balls, massage guns, and foam rollers. You can pick one that fits your needs best.

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