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5 Amazing Benefits of Running That You May Not Know

Running has always been a beneficial exercise that has numerous benefits. You will feel a difference in your mental and physical health once you start running every day. Fun running challenges can make the exercise a lot more enjoyable. The numerous benefits have motivated beginners to get their running shoes on and hit the streets, trails, and parks. Let’s look at some of the most amazing benefits of running that you may not know.

Increases Lifespan

Numerous studies have indicated that running can increase your overall lifespan. A study in 2018 indicated that people who practiced active running had a 25 to 30% lower mortality rate than non-runners. The study indicated that any amount of running is better than no running at all.

Another study claimed that active runners gain about three extra years of life. Running helps to get a greater cardiovascular fitness outlook, better body composition (reduced fat levels), cholesterol levels are lower, and your body experiences better glucose and insulin functioning. Running and high-fitness regimens can lead to a long and healthy life where you experience more productivity and efficiency in your daily tasks.

Better Sleep

According to renowned experts from Johns Hopkins, running is attributed to getting better sleep. Quality sleep improves your overall health and helps you recharge your batteries efficiently. The more you exercise, the more you need quality sleep. It also works the other way—the worse, your sleep is, the worse your exercise habits will be. Exercise-sleep connection is quite interlinked.

Improvement Knees and Back

You may be surprised to hear that running improves your knees and back. According to reports, the arthritis rates of active marathoners and runners were well below the general US population. Running promotes the active usage of the joints in our knees and backs,leading to better functioning, mobility, and flexibility.

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Weight Loss

This is one benefit that’s widely accepted. Running moves your entire body weight and helps burn more calories than any other activity. Don’t fall for the notion that you need to run fast to achieve more weight loss. You can run slowly and achieve the same amount of fat loss. However, it will take twice as long. You need to have a consistent and long-term exercise regimen that includes active running to ensure that you’re consistently losing excess weight.

Cognitive Functions

This is debatable, but studies have shown significant mental health benefits of running. Running helps push oxygen-rich blood to the brain, which improves its cognitive functioning. A study has shown that running directly impacts brain health by releasing the brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF). The protein is responsible for the growth of neurons in the brain.

Running can have numerous health and cognitive benefits to help you lead a long and healthy life. However, running can become mundane, and you might lose interest in the regimen very quickly. This is where The Running Bug can help you get your interest back in the running.

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