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4 Reasons to Run A Marathon

If you’re new to running or plan to run a marathon, running more than 26 miles can be daunting. However, fun running challenges and the prospect of participating in a great cause make it even less gruelling and more enjoyable. Apart from these factors, there are unprecedented benefits that you can gain from running a marathon.

You’d be surprised to know that running a marathon can provide health benefits and improve your mental health. Running with your colleagues on a breezy morning will ensure that you get the necessary exercise and help you stay fresh and healthy. Let’s look at some of the reasons to run a marathon.

Improved Endurance

Running and training for a marathon will improve your endurance levels. Also, you’d experience better cardiovascular functioning, improved blood circulation and increased muscle strength. Running will also affect the mental side of things, as you’re likely to experience less stress and will be more upbeat in your daily life. Not to mention the improved productivity and efficiency of running such distances.

Charitable Aspects

Running a marathon will also help you raise money for a charity or donate money to a cause you believe strongly in. It will give you the necessary motivation to run a significant distance, and you can encourage your friends and family to participate in the event for a good cause.

Stepping Out from the Comfort Zone

Running a marathon may seem like a huge ask and a difficult task to do. You might fear getting tired and not completing the marathon, and it may seem impossible to do. While it is true that running a marathon requires dedication, commitment and endurance, it also offers you the chance to step out of your comfort zone and achieve a unique goal. Running and completing a marathon will have unprecedented benefits on your confidence. It will make you believe that you can achieve more important and complex things.

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Meet New People

You’d be surprised to know that the running community is quite welcoming and offers you the chance to meet a diverse set of people. Training and running a marathon with new people will always be exciting, and the existing running community will welcome you with open arms. These communities often organize fun running challenges that can keep you engaged. You’ll likely make new friendships that may last a lifetime.

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