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Why Virtual Races Are Better Than Regular Ones?

Virtual races are gaining popularity among runners everywhere. They offer a convenient alternative to common races, especially marathons that require a lot of effort. To participate in one, you’ll have to register yourself online on sites such as The Running Bug and pick from the available races. Take a look at the advantages virtual marathon challenges have over traditional races.

More Convenient To Participate In

Traditional races have a specific course, start time, and date if you want to participate. But virtual races allow you to structure your race to better suit your strength and weaknesses. Don’t want to race on lapped courses? It’s simple to pick a straight path. Want to race in the evening? Virtual races have got you covered. Can’t run well on a terrain? Pick a flat race course.

A Relaxing Atmosphere

It can be stressful to run among so many others on a hot summer’s day surrounded by a horde of people cheering everyone on. This atmosphere can be tiring and can lead to burnout faster than expected. On top of that, some marathons have blaring music which can distort your focus. Virtual marathons don’t have any of that, so they offer a more relaxing environment to finish the race.

You Have The Control

Unlike regular marathons, with virtual ones, you’re in full control. You can pick the time, date, and distance to your liking. Additionally, you can run the marathon at your pace and determine how much you want to push yourself. This is also good for maintaining your fitness levels because pushing too hard can reduce muscle and fatigue. You can also pick the weather conditions you want to run in to ensure you don’t have a heat stroke.

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Less Pressure To Finish The Race

Marathons aren’t like regular races. The key is to finish the race regardless of who wins. But then, peer pressure makes it difficult to ignore that factor. This leads to people pushing themselves too hard and hurting themselves. But with virtual races, there are no such pressures. You can run at your own pace and feel good about doing a marathon.

Can Run Anywhere

Regular marathons are held at locations that might be too far for you to reach. This gives many of us excuses not to run. On the other hand, virtual races can be run from anywhere at your convenience. You won’t have to spend any money on reaching a destination or making accommodations to stay there. You can just start running wherever you feel comfortable.

Run Virtual Marathons With The Running Bug

To encourage people to be healthy while having fun, The Running Bug provides many virtual running challenges around the UK. Our medal-awarded virtual race challenges are a fantastic way to take part in competitive challenges.

Moreover, you can also win points and rewards for completing challenges. Our selection of races includes 5K races with medals, virtual 10K challenges, and more. Look at our challenges and get started right now!

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