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How Running a Virtual Challenge can Help with the Latest Covid Restrictions

As a result of the latest Covid restrictions, everyone is on high alert. Participating in Virtual Running Challenges may help you in overcoming some of the stress.

Latest COVID restrictions 

According to government guidelines, a face mask should still be worn in places where you are likely to come into touch with individuals you don’t normally interact with. We know that these COVID restrictions can be stressful, but we want people to stay on track and keep going. Keep reading to learn how.

Why do People Think Virtual Running Challenges are a Good Idea?

Government rules say that it’s risky to meet with people indoors, especially the ones who haven’t been vaccinated. That’s why people think that Virtual Running Challenges are a good idea due to the many benefits that bring to you.

The Benefits of Virtual Running Challenges

  • Improve Mental Health
  • Increased Lung Capacity
  • It Boosts the Immune System
  • Stress Relief
  • Increased Confidence

How can you Stay Active?

Don’t allow the latest restrictions on gyms, swimming pools, clubs, and fitness centres to keep you from being active. During these challenging times, there are many ways to be active, but remember to be safe.

Ways to Stay Active Outdoors

  • Go for a Walk
  • Do a Virtual Running Challenge
  • Ride a Bike

Ways to Stay Active Indoors

  • Gardening
  • Do a Virtual Fitness Class
  • Do Yoga or pilates

How can you Stay Motivated?

The COVID guidelines should be followed at all times to be safe. Understandably, it might be difficult to keep motivated at times. There are, however, techniques to combat this. See below how to stay motivated.

  • Enter a Rewarded Virtual Race
  • Track your activities and achievements
  • Set yourself up for success by writing down your goals
  • Talk to your loved ones and friends

Virtual Running Challenges

Choose from a variety of virtual challenges. This challenge is all about YOU. You decide the speed, you decide the distance, and you choose the time and location of your challenge.

Looking for a Seasonal Challenge? Or one on the World Mental Health? We’ve got you covered!

Because of your dedication, you’ll get a medal at the end of the challenge.

Now is the time to begin.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an advanced runner. Our challenges are for everyone. And, The Running Bug is the perfect place to start your online running journey.

We help you get into running no matter what your ability level is. Check out some of our most recent challenges, or feel free to reach us with any inquiries.

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