Safe Running During Lockdown

Are you looking for how to start safe running during lockdown? Find out in this article the essential things to follow

Since the pandemic, most of us have been living our day-to-day lives within our homes. Covid-19 shut the world from going outside, and when we need to go out, we wear a mask and observe social distancing. As a fitness enthusiast, you must be missing the gym experience. And though people have found innovative ways to stay fit by doing home workouts, the difference is noticeable.

Running, however, is usually an outdoor sport, and fortunately, some regions are starting to ease the lockdown allowing movement, although limited. If you happen to reside in these regions, you should take proper precautions before, during, and after heading out for a run.

Here are top tips you should follow for safe running during lockdown:

1. No use of Headphones

Natural sounds help your mental well-being. Leave the headphones at home and soak up your surroundings. There are many sounds you were not able to notice or experience since you were at home for so long. Hearing birds chirping, cool breeze whistling past, the smell of autumn, tree leaves bending to the wind’s will, etc., will boost your mood and make you appreciate getting out to run.

2. Go with accessories

Wear a sports watch to keep track of time. Also, carry a water bottle with you at all times. Hydration is essential when running as you will sweat a lot. If you can’t hold one in your hand, carry it in a waist bag.

3. Wear the right clothes

Wearing the proper clothing makes all the difference. Choose t-shirts that are light and absorb your sweat easily. Avoid wearing cotton. Wear loose sweatpants to have enough breathability. Also, wear light and comfortable shoes with cushions to help you have a smooth run and prevent blisters.

4. Observe safe social distancing

Maintain a safe running distance of about 10 meters. The standard 2 meters does not apply here; that is for pedestrians. If running with another person, run alongside, not directly behind them. Respiratory droplets travel faster when running. Social distancing rules differ worldwide, but whenever you run, be responsible and ensure to keep your distance from others. It is also advisable to pick less busy routes and times.

5. Use your time wisely

When you are out for a run, use your time wisely. Safe running also means you don’t stay out for too long. A half-hour run daily or every other day is great to maintain fitness. Make sure you gradually increase your steps and track this with your sports watch.

6. Find alternatives

The current situation is unpredictable for the most part. You can explore indoor alternatives using the treadmill or other workouts besides running to strengthen your core. You can also engage in virtual running. A lot of material exists online to guide you.

Final Thoughts

Whenever you go out to run, ensure you are not crowded and keep a safe running distance. Wear a mask at all times except when running. Stay indoors if you’re in a hotspot location. Follow the guidelines for safe running. Take care of your health, and remember, we are in this together.

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