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As hosts of global marathon challenges, we’ve come across people from different cultures and spheres of life united by one universal emotion: determination. The resolve to live a better life by making a run for it is the main reason most people take up the activity at The Running Bug in the first place.

Keep reading to know how it unfolded for some of these people.

Uncomfortable in His Skin No More

The physical activity of running peaked in 2020 after gym closures forced most health nuts out on the streets. However, before the streets of England turned into outdoor gyms for the greater population, they were a frequent hub for the many Brits too self-conscious to work out at the gym for one reason or another.

We came across one such person—let’s call him Mr G—almost a year ago. Mr G was too shy to visit the gym because he was a prisoner in his overweight body. He came to us when he was scared off the streets and back home by the influx of gymgoers. 

When participating in our fun running challenges, Mr G was so focused on the target he had to reach that he didn’t care about the people around him. He lost 15 kilos in five months with the positive reinforcement of virtual challenges with medals.

A Woman Competing in a Virtual 5K Challenge Running on a Paved Road

Fresh Out of a Long-term Relationship

Ms T is one of our overseas customers, and she’s been with us for two years now. When she joined our mailing list, she described herself as a 36-year-old fresh out of a ten-year relationship, at least five of which were wasted on avoiding the inevitable.

Over the years, Ms T had lost any desire to look good for her partner and had ended up drowning her feelings in comfort foods. Getting diagnosed with clinical depression was the last nail for the woman.

Since joining us, Ms T has taken another chance on love, platonic and romantic, but taken no prisoners where her mental health is concerned.

A War Veteran with a Bone to Pick

Mr B is a war veteran who retired with one leg less and severe PTSD. We won’t share his trauma because he’s requested our discretion, but we will say that it caused him to run for dear life.

The solitariness of our running challenges helped him utilise his flight response to modulate his breathing patterns, calm down, and realise that no one was chasing after him.

Start Your Story with a Virtual Marathon Challenge

We all have stories, but they don’t always have happy endings. Turn yours into a success story with a virtual 5k challenge at The Running Bug. Sign up for running challenges with medals to turn your life around at discounts of up to 50 per cent.

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