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How Often Should You Run for Optimal Benefits

There’s no question that running provides a lot of health benefits that can improve overall outlook on life. People engage in fun running challenges to ensure that the entire process is enjoyable and provides them with optimal benefits. However, many ask, “How often should I run to get the maximum benefits?”

The question addresses a key component of running exercises, i.e. volume. Now, volume refers to how much you can run or the physical capability that allows you to run a certain distance on the pavement, running track or even a treadmill. The answer to this question is more open-ended and depends upon many factors such as age, physical capability, goals and the time available for the exercise.

Let’s look at some general guidelines that will help you determine how often you should run for optimal benefits.


Most experts agree that beginners should try to run for at least three to four days per week. They should have a full rest day, and other days should be reserved for cross-training or other exercises. The initial time for your running sessions should be around 20/30 minutes. However, if you feel that you’re already fit enough through other exercises, you can increase your running exercise duration.

Minimum Running

Once you’ve moved past the beginner stage, the answer to the minimum running question becomes more complicated. According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, adults are required to be active throughout the week and have a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate exercise.

If we talk about running, experts say that you need to run at least three days a week to improve your overall health. On other days, you need to have high-quality cross-training exercises to ensure that you’re getting the maximum benefits.

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Recreational Runner

Most non-professional or recreational runners run for five to six days. Their day off is necessary as it helps recover and reduces the risk of injury. However, more experienced runners might run every day or mix up their workouts. It is essential to understand your body’s physical capabilities to determine the amount of running that is optimal for you.

You don’t want to overwork yourself, and on the other hand, running too less wouldn’t give you the results you desire. Having an optimal running routine will ensure that you enjoy the exercise while it provides you with the maximum benefits.

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