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Your New Year Challenge 2023
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Your New Year Challenge 2023


You will receive 34.2 points when you enter this challenge


WHEN: From 1st to 31st January 2023

WHERE: Participant anywhere, even on a treadmill

HOW: Run, walk or jog

DISTANCES ACCEPTED: 25 miles, 50 miles and 100 miles


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Date of Challenge: From 1st to 31st January 2023

Our first virtual challenge of 2023. Start as you mean to go on by pushing yourself to the limit. Choose one of three distances to complete anytime during January 2023. We will send you a tracker by email before the challenge starts, then complete it as you go. Once you’ve completed your distance, send us your completed tracker. We will verify and send out a beautiful medal in the post.


Run, walk or jog any distance, anywhere, anytime throughout January 2023.

Distances accepted: 25 miles, 50 miles or 100 miles. We also accept treadmill activities.


  • Everybody who completes this challenge and submits their evidence will receive a beautiful white aluminium finishers medal with a plain coloured ribbon.


Record your miles by downloading and printing our Run Tracker. We recommend you download and save the spreadsheet before recording your activities. A sample of how to complete this spreadsheet can be found here.

Once you have completed this challenge, either email it to us at [email protected] or upload it using our secure submission form by clicking the button below.

Click on this button to send us your evidence

After you have submitted your evidence, you should be taken to a confirmation page.

Click on our FAQs section if you have any more questions or send us a message through our Contact Us page.

When you’ve completed this challenge, why not share your achievement with other runners by posting your activity and photos on our social media channels. This is a great way to share your accomplishment and encourage others.

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As we get older, our bodies change. Our metabolism slows down as we age which leads to weight gain, fatigue or lack of energy, physical stiffness and general weakness. Bones lose density and can result in diagnosis of osteoporosis. The good news is we have a way to combat and slow down this from happening.

An active life is vital to stay fit and healthy. Vigorous activities, like running not only helps people with changing your mood and helps with mental health issues, but it can also improve body strength and balance. Running can also prevent or delay diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, or osteoporosis. There is also research to support running may improve cognitive function (how the way the brain works).

As well as providing an incentive to stay fit and healthy, our virtual challenges are a fantastic way to raise money for a worthy charity. 

Charities tend to struggle, especially when something out of the ordinary happens like COVID. The work they do is in many cases, paramount in helping people manage with a condition or helping researching cures for diseases.  This is why we encourage people to pick a charity which is close to your heart and support them by fundraising. 

It’s easy to get started and signing up for one of our virtual challenges is the first step.  We have a vast amount of different challenges from 5k to marathon races. We even have “any distance” challenges which are perfect if you want to set your own target. See our latest runs here.

Once you have decided which race you like, then why not use a website like JustGiving or GoFundMe.

When you create your fundraising page, it’s a good idea to make it personal. Explan the reason you are raising money for your charity, give people some background about what your chosen charity does and tell people about what you are aiming to accomplish.

Once you have created your fundraising page, then you’d be ready to share. Social media platforms are still an excellent way to promote your fundraising. 

Don’t forget to keep everybody up-to-date with your progress. Posting screenshots of your activities is a great way to let people know how you’re getting on. Posting a photo of your medal at the end of your challenge is also a great way to encourage others to either support you by donating or gives they the incentive to start their own fundraising.

At The Running Bug, we are always more than happy to help with your fundraising. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Buy a £10, £25, £50 or £100 gift card to use towards a virtual race

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Gifts Cards are perfect for those who love running, but are difficult to buy for. Our Gift Cards come in £10, £25, £50 or £100 amounts and there are no expire date on when to use them.

You can also check your Gift Card balance so you know how much you have left on your card. Click here to check your balance.

How does this virtual challenge work?

A virtual challenge is done on a particular date or dates and sometimes at a specified distance. You can run, jog or walk, as fast or as slow as you like, anywhere you want. You’re in complete control. Once you have completed your challenge, send us your evidence and we will send you a medal for your achievement. 

Can I still enter this challenge if I don't live in the UK?

Yes you can. However, please note that there may be increased postage charge as medals are sent at Royal Mail’s international rates. 

There may also be extra import duty and custom taxes depending on your country. The Running Bug is unable to advise on these charges as there differ from country to country. We recommend you contact your local tax office. 

Where do I send my evidence for this challenge?

Complete and atach your evidence to our secure submission form on our Submit Your Evidence page. You can take a screenshot of your activity from any running, walking or exercise app and attach it onto the form. We also accept camera photos of treadmill displays. 

What happens after my challenge?

Once you have submitted your evidence, we will post out a medal after the challenge has completed, to the address provided when you originally booked this challenge. Medals for a UK-address are posted by Royal Mail either by 1st or 2nd class delivery, depending on which postage option you selected at checkout.

Please allow extra time to receive your medal during holiday periods and take into account possible delays due to unprecedented circumstances such as pandemics or strike action.

Tell me about your medals

The medal for this virtual challenge is made from solid, white aluminium material with digital colour printing and a plain colour ribbon. Photos of our medals are usually on our product pages.  

Should you have any further questions, please see our FAQs section on our Contact Us page or use the contact form to get in touch with us. 

On behalf of everybody at The Running Bug, we thank you for your custom and hope you enjoy your virtual challenges.


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