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  • DATE: 2nd May 2025
  • WHERE: Anywhere
  • HOW: Run, walk or jog

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Finishers medal for completing the Wizard 10k virtual race. The medal design features a child wizard holding a spell book with the words, "Wizard 10k"
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Finishers medal for completing the Wizard 10k virtual race. The medal design features a child wizard holding a spell book with the words, "Wizard 10k"
Wizard 10k

The concept of wizards and wizardry has fascinated humanity for millennia, tracing its roots back to ancient civilizations where magic and mysticism were integral to culture and religion. The earliest mentions of wizard-like figures appear in ancient Mesopotamian, Egyptian, and Greek texts, where individuals wielding supernatural powers were often revered as priests, shamans, or wise sages. These early wizards were believed to possess a deep understanding of the natural and supernatural worlds, acting as intermediaries between the divine and mortal realms.

A wizard is traditionally viewed as an individual who practices magic, harnessing mystical forces to alter the world around them. This definition, however, varies across cultures and historical periods. In medieval European folklore, wizards were often depicted as wise old men, such as Merlin from the Arthurian legends, who possessed arcane knowledge and guided heroes on their quests. These wizards were characterised by their long robes, beards, and staffs, symbols that have become iconic in popular depictions of wizardry.

Wizards are distinct from witches, although the two share similarities. While witches, especially in Western narratives, were often vilified and associated with malevolent practices, wizards were generally portrayed as benevolent, albeit enigmatic, figures. This distinction, however, is not universal; in many cultures, the line between wizard and witch is blurred, with both wielding similar powers and facing societal suspicion.

The practice of wizardry has evolved alongside human civilization. During the Middle Ages, alchemy and early science were often intertwined with magical practices. Alchemists, who sought to transform base metals into gold and discover the elixir of life, were considered wizards of a sort, blending mystical and proto-scientific knowledge.

The Renaissance period saw a renewed interest in esoteric knowledge, with figures like John Dee, a mathematician and astrologer in the court of Queen Elizabeth I, embodying the archetype of the Renaissance wizard. Dee’s extensive work in alchemy, astrology, and cryptography reflected the era’s merging of scientific inquiry and mystical exploration.

In contemporary times, wizards have become central figures in literature, film, and popular culture. J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings” introduced the world to Gandalf, a wizard whose wisdom and power are pivotal to the story’s epic narrative. J.K. Rowling’s “Harry Potter” series brought wizardry into the mainstream, depicting a world where young wizards and witches attend a magical school to learn the arcane arts.


Run, walk or jog 10k on 2nd May 2025. We also accept treadmill activities.


Receive a beautiful white aluminium finishers medal 

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Whether you’re a seasoned runner trying to smash a PB or a beginner looking for motivation to stay fit and healthy, completing a virtual race is a massive achievement. Sharing your activities, photos and the story behind your run on social media platforms is a great way to keep yourself motivated and encourages others. 


Sending your evidence to us couldn’t be easier. You can either take a photo of your watch or treadmill display with the stats from your run. Alternatively, you can take a screenshot of your completed activity on your running or exercise app.

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As well as providing an incentive to stay fit and healthy, our virtual races can be a fantastic way to spread awareness and raise money for a worthy charity. 

Charities tend to struggle, especially when something out of the ordinary happens like COVID. The work they do is in many cases, paramount in helping people manage with life-changing conditions or helping researching cures for diseases.  This is why we encourage people to pick a charity which is close to their heart and support them by fundraising. 

It’s easy to get started and signing up for one of our virtual challenges is the first step. Find a race here

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Don’t forget to keep everybody up-to-date with your progress. Posting screenshots of your activities is a great way to let people know how you’re getting on. Posting a photo of your medal at the end of your challenge is also a great way to encourage others to either support you by donating or gives them the incentive to start their own fundraising.


Delivery van

We delivery finishers medals worldwide using standard Royal Mail. There are options to have your medals posted by recorded delivery within the UK. We will email the tracking reference number once the medal has been despatched.

Postage is FREE shipping of medals in the United Kingdom on orders over £30.00.

Postage charges incur an extra cost for entries outside the UK. There may also be extra import duty charges and customs taxes depending on your country. You are reliable to pay such charges. The Running Bug is unable to advise on these charges as they differ from country to country. We recommend you contact your local tax office.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this virtual challenge work?

A virtual challenge is done on a particular date or dates and sometimes at a specified distance. You can run, jog or walk, as fast or as slow as you like, anywhere you want. You’re in complete control. Once you have completed your challenge, send us your evidence and we will send you a medal for your achievement. 

Can I still enter this challenge if I don't live in the UK?

Yes you can. However, please note that there may be increased postage charge as medals are sent at Royal Mail’s international rates. 

There may also be extra import duty and custom taxes depending on your country. The Running Bug is unable to advise on these charges as there differ from country to country. We recommend you contact your local tax office. 

Where do I send my evidence for this challenge?

Complete and attach your evidence to our secure submission form on our Submit Your Evidence page. You can take a screenshot of your activity from any running, walking or exercise app and attach it onto the form. We also accept camera photos of treadmill displays. 

What happens after my challenge?

Once you have submitted your evidence, we will post out a medal after the challenge has completed, to the address provided when you originally booked this challenge. Medals for a UK-address are posted by Royal Mail either by 1st or 2nd class delivery, depending on which postage option you selected at checkout.

Please allow extra time to receive your medal during holiday periods and take into account possible delays due to unprecedented circumstances such as pandemics or strike action.

Tell me about your medals

The medal for this virtual challenge is made from solid, white aluminium material with digital colour printing and a plain colour ribbon. Photos of our medals are usually on our product pages.  

Should you have any further questions, please see our FAQs section on our Contact Us page or use the contact form to get in touch with us. 

On behalf of everybody at The Running Bug, we thank you for your custom and hope you enjoy your virtual challenges.


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