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Must-Have Running Gear Every Marathon Runner Needs

Whether you’re a pro marathon runner or just getting started with your first one, you need a few must-haves to make sure your marathon is a success. Without these essentials, you can end up getting exhausted faster, or worse might even get injured. So look at our pick of marathon must-haves for your next marathon challenge.

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Why Virtual Races Are Better Than Regular Ones?

Virtual races are gaining popularity among runners everywhere. They offer a convenient alternative to common races, especially marathons that require a lot of effort. To participate in one, you’ll have to register yourself online on sites such as The Running Bug and pick from the available races. Take a look at the advantages virtual marathon challenges have over traditional […]

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How Running a Virtual Challenge can Help with the Latest Covid Restrictions

As a result of the latest Covid restrictions, everyone is on high alert. Participating in Virtual Running Challenges may help you in overcoming some of the stress. Latest COVID Restrictions Why People Think Running Challenges are a Good Idea? The Benefits of Virtual Running Challenges How can you Stay Active? Ways to Stay Active Outdoors […]

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Light Up your Winter Runs

Now that the clocks have gone back, there is no denying that winter is well and truly on its way. With daylight hours reduced and a definite nip in the air, it’s by no means time to put your trainers away, but a reminder to get prepared for the season ahead! How to Prepare for […]