Runner in the distance

Health Benefits of Running

Whilst many of us enjoy running for various different reasons, have you thought about the real health implications? In this article we take a deeper look at the benefits of running for adults. This becomes even more important as we age.  Running improves physical health in adults Running is an excellent form of cardiovascular exercise […]

A healthy salad bowl

What To Eat Before Running? 5 Nutritional Foods To Try!

Getting properly fueled before running is as important as eating three meals daily. Any running requires a lot of energy, so you must eat up properly to ensure your body won’t tire out while you hit the pavement. However, if you eat the wrong foods, you might get sick during the run or feel heavy. This is […]

Benefits of Caffeine Pre-Run

Most of us know that buzz after a strong cup of coffee; some of us rely on it to get going each and every morning! Besides getting you out of bed, caffeine running is a hot trend that is fiercely debated amongst athletes.  But what about drinking coffee to give your run the edge? Can […]