People running a marathon

Why Virtual Races Are Better Than Regular Ones?

Virtual races are gaining popularity among runners everywhere. They offer a convenient alternative to common races, especially marathons that require a lot of effort. To participate in one, you’ll have to register yourself online on sites such as The Running Bug and pick from the available races. Take a look at the advantages virtual marathon challenges have over traditional […]

A healthy salad bowl

What To Eat Before Running? 5 Nutritional Foods To Try!

Getting properly fueled before running is as important as eating three meals daily. Any running requires a lot of energy, so you must eat up properly to ensure your body won’t tire out while you hit the pavement. However, if you eat the wrong foods, you might get sick during the run or feel heavy. This is […]

children enjoying running outside

3 Tips to Get Your Kids Interested in Running

Running regularly is said to improve a child’s quality of life. It’s the most popular sport in the UK, and children frequently participate in road running and jogging each month.