A Runner Passing an Underpass While Competing in a Virtual Marathon Challenge

Inspirational Running Stories

As hosts of global marathon challenges, we’ve come across people from different cultures and spheres of life united by one universal emotion: determination. The resolve to live a better life by making a run for it is the main reason most people take up the activity at The Running Bug in the first place.

A Lone Man in Shorts and T-Shirt Jogging to Complete a Virtual Running Challenge Under a Sunny Sky

Tips for Running in the Heat

Hot weather is great for business but requires lots of caution, especially for runners. Not exercising with care may lead to heat-related illnesses, such as cramps, rashes, stroke, or fatigue. Here’s how you can stay out and about, and complete that virtual marathon challenge at The Running Bug when the weather is unforgivably warm. Drink Electrolytes Beforehand […]