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Must-Have Running Gear Every Marathon Runner Needs

Whether you’re a pro marathon runner or just getting started with your first one, you need a few must-haves to make sure your marathon is a success. Without these essentials, you can end up getting exhausted faster, or worse might even get injured. So look at our pick of marathon must-haves for your next marathon challenge.

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Why Virtual Races Are Better Than Regular Ones?

Virtual races are gaining popularity among runners everywhere. They offer a convenient alternative to common races, especially marathons that require a lot of effort. To participate in one, you’ll have to register yourself online on sites such as The Running Bug and pick from the available races. Take a look at the advantages virtual marathon challenges have over traditional […]

A marathon for middle-aged people

Guide To Running Marathons For Middle-Aged People

Running marathons in your 40s or 50s is a great way to stay fit without excessive workouts. However, with age, there are some constraints you need to be aware of before you start a virtual marathon challenge. Such as the fact that your muscles and joints won’t work as they did before and you might get tired […]

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What To Eat Before Running? 5 Nutritional Foods To Try!

Getting properly fueled before running is as important as eating three meals daily. Any running requires a lot of energy, so you must eat up properly to ensure your body won’t tire out while you hit the pavement. However, if you eat the wrong foods, you might get sick during the run or feel heavy. This is […]

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3 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Run

Running may be one of the most popular sports, but we all feel demotivated at times to stretch our legs and get that dose of exercise we used to enjoy so much. If you’ve been lacking motivation lately and haven’t gone for a run in the longest time, this blog is just what you need […]

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Running on a Treadmill or Outside – Which is Better?

It’s the age-old debate. Should you run outdoors, or should you use a treadmill? Both are valid options, and each has its fair share of pros and cons. So, how do you decide which running method is best for you?

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Common Running Mistakes

The UK has its fair share of running enthusiasts. According to surveys, 7 million people went running more than once each month during the period between 2019 and 2020.

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3 Tips to Get Your Kids Interested in Running

Running regularly is said to improve a child’s quality of life. It’s the most popular sport in the UK, and children frequently participate in road running and jogging each month.

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Inspirational Running Stories

As hosts of global marathon challenges, we’ve come across people from different cultures and spheres of life united by one universal emotion: determination. The resolve to live a better life by making a run for it is the main reason most people take up the activity at The Running Bug in the first place.

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Running with Other Exercises

Running with other exercises is essentially working out to optimise your virtual running experience at The Running Bug. These workouts are pretty simple, and you may even look forward to them after a while.