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How Running a Virtual Challenge can Help with the Latest Covid Restrictions

As a result of the latest Covid restrictions, everyone is on high alert. Participating in Virtual Running Challenges may help you in overcoming some of the stress. Latest COVID Restrictions Why People Think Running Challenges are a Good Idea? The Benefits of Virtual Running Challenges How can you Stay Active? Ways to Stay Active Outdoors […]

Getting Rid of Muscle Soreness after a Run

Muscle Soreness is a sensation of acute pain in the muscle due to inflammation and temporary breakdown of the muscle, especially after eccentric exercise. If you notice pain after physical activity, don’t worry, it is inevitable. However, there are several techniques and foods to help prevent muscle soreness. Pain in the muscles that do not […]

How Running Helps Mental Health

Physical exercise has numerous health benefits. Whenever you exercise, chemicals (endorphins and serotonin) are secreted in your brain to improve your mood. An exercise like running helps mental health and runners liken the chemical releases to what is known as a runner’s high. Your heart pumps blood through your body faster, and your respiratory system […]

Two Individuals Running During a Virtual Marathon Challenge on a Pedestrian Road Framed by Grass and Trees

What are Virtual Races, and Why Should You Participant in Them?

When the pandemic ravaged regular marathons, virtual marathons stepped in to help runners maintain their running schedules. Virtual races at The Running Bug involve a paid registration and reward like any regular race. However, their participants simultaneously run from their respective locations instead of gathering at one. Allow us to give you several reasons to participate in a […]

How To Breathe Your Way To Being A Better Runner

You can breathe your way to being a better runner with the right tips and be on your way to becoming a better runner. Breathing is natural, but the right breathing technique for running? That can take a little practice. It goes without saying that running can cause shortness of breath, but breathing too shallow […]

Get Ready to Race Again

With the possibility of real races very much on the horizon now, not to mention the universal hope that Saturday mornings may once again begin with a Park Run (set to begin from 26th June – if landowners’ permissions can be obtained), many of us are planning our racing comebacks! And, what better way to […]

Des Linden’s 50km Record

Des Linden Record: the 50km

The 50km Des Linden record can be an inspiration to us all.  Many of us dream about setting PBs; for some of us, it’s what motivates us to get out the door with our trainers on. But few of us have attempted to set a record as ambitious as Des Linden’s record attempt.  While she […]

Benefits of Caffeine Pre-Run

Most of us know that buzz after a strong cup of coffee; some of us rely on it to get going each and every morning! Besides getting you out of bed, caffeine running is a hot trend that is fiercely debated amongst athletes.  But what about drinking coffee to give your run the edge? Can […]